Are You Thinking SERIOUSLY About Selling Your Business? We ask up front because we only engage with people who are serious about selling their business to qualified buyers. Contemplating the sale of a business is an emotional decision and we understand that because we are entrepreneurs ourselves and we know how particularly hard it is to build a successful transportation company. This is at the forefront of our minds as we work with owners to position their entity and assets to achieve maximum value at the time of a sale. Whether they want to sell over the next 6 months or over the next 3 years, whether they want a fast exit, or would agree to stay on with the new owners, our clients are serious about presenting their company in the most favorable condition to sell without any problems and for a realistic price.

Unlike other M&A advisors in the transportation industry or “generalist” business brokers, Driving Transactions does not charge high front-end fees to offer written opinions. We also do not wait for buyers to set the price they wish to pay for your company. Our approach is to work with sellers to perform the necessary due diligence up front instead of allowing potential buyers to lift the hood unprepared. We review and examine all aspects of the business, area competition, market demographics, then perform several proprietary financial analyses on current performance and create the optimum Information Package on your business. We include recommended valuation formulas, sample transaction scenarios and financial performance forecasts based on both past performance and existing fleet capacities. In summary, we create a very detailed and credible business prospectus report telling qualified potential buyers why they should consider purchasing your company.

Speaking of qualified buyers, we have a growing list of willing and able buyers who are located and expanding in many regions of the country, so we have suitors who have demonstrated to us financially that they are capable of completing transactions. We do not engage “tire kickers”, wishful thinkers or “curious competitors”. Rather than exposing your name and proprietary information to the open market we aim for a completely confidential process with appropriate and interested parties, not the open market.

Engaging with us means protecting your interests and assuring your confidentiality until we have a real deal. We can spot real buyers a mile away and with equal accuracy identify those who have no ability to execute a transaction who’s only intent is to waste time and erode your ability to sell without complications.

Driving Transactions puts over 40 years of mergers and acquisitions experience and 25 years of transportation business operating expertise to work solely in the transportation industry. Our founders have acute industry knowledge and day to day operating experience in this arena and our transaction advisors are masters at finance, banking and most importantly they know how to get transactions closed.

We are a team that works with sellers to prepare them well in advance of any final sale to maximize the value of what has taken years to create. We do the heavy lifting on your behalf so there are no complications, false starts or delays associated with this delicate process. Where we differ from general business “brokers” is a) we know the transportation space well, so we know all the pitfalls and risks, b) we know how to structure transactions that work for buyers and sellers and c) most importantly as very successful past operators we know how to help you maximize the equity you have created. In short we help “Maximize Value and Minimize Risk”

IF you are seriously thinking about selling your company you need to prepare for the process as it takes longer than many people think.  Request our Seller’s Guide to Maximizing Value

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