When is the Right Time to Buy a Chauffeured Transportation Company?

Some sceptics say that the transportation space is in the midst of disruption and now is not the right time to buy. If all you do is look inward at our industry you might subscribe to that statement. However, if you keep informed and truly study the entire business world you would find that most EVERY industry has been impacted by technology-based disruption so that would mean no consolidation, mergers, or market expansion should be taking place anywhere. Quite the contrary. We are in a great period of economic growth and many strong companies in industries that have been much more disrupted than ours are making many strategic investments to grow their businesses and increase their value. The key word of that last statement is “Strategic”

There are two ways to grow your business, one is organically one client at a time by slugging it out for market share and the other is thru acquiring a customer base of existing users by buying another company. There are obvious calculable costs to each strategy and pitfalls also. Growth thru purchasing a direct competitor or perhaps acquiring a company in an area you wish to expand to has many benefits and, in our industry, just as many risks. Going it alone can be very costly.

Driving Transactions puts over 40 years of mergers and acquisitions experience and 25 years of transportation business operating expertise to work solely in the transportation industry. Our founders have acute industry knowledge and day to day operating experience in this arena and our transaction advisors are masters at finance, banking and most importantly they know how to get transactions closed. 

As such we are a team that can work with buyers to identify targets, perform extensive due diligence, formulate purchase scenarios and assist complete the transaction. Where we differ from general business “brokers” is a) we know the transportation space, so we know all the pitfalls and risks, b) we know how to structure transactions that work for buyers and sellers and c) most importantly as very successful past operators we know how to help you maximize your investment and positively grow what you purchased. In short we help you “Maximize Value and Minimize Risk”

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