Driving Transactions


Financial Analysis, Strategic Consulting and M&A Advisory Services to the transportation sector

Founded in 2018 by transportation industry veteran Kenneth Lucci and corporate financial analyst Cole Weber, the team at Driving Transactions has reviewed and analyzed the financial statements of 250+ companies, created over 90 business valuation reports and confidential information packages.  The company has also facilitated 30+ acquisitions of chauffeured transportation and motor coach companies representing sellers and negotiating with qualified buyers.

During that time our analysts have compiled optimum financial data, operational statistics, and developed the best reporting practices for companies in the industry and created the first ever set of industry specific key financial metrics, expense averages and a comprehensive financial statement format that flows more effectively for these businesses.

DrivingTransactions.com employs financial analysts and researchers to performs a variety of ongoing services for clients on a retainer basis.  Clients range from commercial lenders to global networks, large regional operators, and local companies in the passenger transportation sector.  Our work product includes: 

Enterprise Financial Review & Analysis              Business Valuations/Reports                  Fleet Valuations/Reports

                  M&A Acquisition Services                                        Strategic Consulting                                 Annual Dynamic Budgets                    

       RFP and Bid Packages 

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